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for those interested.. i am moving over to saitechiru

yes i know.. "not another lj, right?"

well.. alot of crappy stuff has been happening recently. >3<

i am regularly updating on that livejournal now.
i don't know, if anyone would like to add me back...
and see what i am up to everyday from now on..

please add me on that livejournal

i felt i needed a change, thats all........o_o

i will no longer be viewing this account.

i will eventually get around to joining all my communities again.

to the translating team at ayabie_diaries.
i am terribly sorry for the delay. too many things have happened recently.

i don't want to break any more promises. but i will do my best to catch up this week.
school holidays start in 3 days. this should give me the chance to redeem myself?

anyway. *signout* =x

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i've been acting like theres nothing going on.
pretending like everything is like it usually is.

for your sake. and happiness.

it's killing me. it hurts me, everytime.

i wonder how long i can keep this up.

pretending like this..
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Happy Birthday to me♪♪ I am 19!! I feel so so so so old. orz
But phone arrived in the mail this morning :] Yayyy, finally~ Great timing!

Annndd...I have to clean my room today, how fun. ON MY BIRTHDAY.. WHY?!

I am still trying to figure out what to do about my CD orders, I want to order from Closet Child, but they won't be getting Paradeis' 2 upcoming singles. But ofcourse they have Ayabie's DVD and single.. I also wanted to order Juliette's Jewel Baby Stars.. but I am not sure how to do this.. it would help to buy it all at once from the same place.. aka.. Brand-x but they charge more for shipping, no tracking number, etcetc.. but they will be getting in all the CD's I want to order. Then theres CDJapan but they only have Ayabie's stuff.. even though it's cheaper... hmm..

Should I just spend all my money and but everyone from Brand-x, or buy each CD from a different store..@_@ Hmm..! Dilemma~

Btw, I started using last.fm again, so if anyone wants to add me, my username is saitechiru

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Harry Potter actor stabbed to death :[


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More info has been released on Ayabi'e upcoming new single 'Mikazuki no Kiseki'
Of course, there are three types, A with the PV, B with 3rd song, C with the 4th song.

● Type‐A
収録曲 CD:M.1 ミカヅキノキセキ / M.2 デジタルネバーランド / PV:ミカヅキノキセキ

収録曲 CD:M.1 ミカヅキノキセキ / M.2 デジタルネバーランド / M.3 ハレノヒ

収録曲 CD:M.1 ミカヅキノキセキ / M.2 デジタルネバーランド / M.3 ひなげし

The final list of songs and their names will be..

Mikazuki no kiseki (Miracle of the new moon)
Dijitaru nebaarando (Digital neverland)
Hare no hi (Sunny day)
Hinageshi (Red poppy)

I can't waiiiitttt :3

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Inspired from my friend Ninke who made one for jazz..

Heres one I made an omnibus for the best Piano Ballad songs in Visual Kei.
Please check it out and enjoy :3

Intro. La'miss†fairy - SE~fairy tale~
01. HIZAKI grace project - Winter Farewell
02. Plastic Tree - Last Waltz
03. イザベルヴァローザ - 追憶の扉
04. 摩天楼オペラ - 風の鳥
05. メガマソ - 海辺が近いため、錆び付きやすいものは持込してはならない。
06. MADARA - Forget me not
07. ドーリスマリィ - confine
08. Clavier - 夜空に咲く花 (アクースチック)
09. Luinspear - さくら~絶望の悲愁華~
10. Death★Rabbits - Ideal Story
11. Seciliaルナ - 百合達が綴る物語
12. Mix Speaker's,Inc. - If
Click to download

13. VelBet - Song for...xxx
14. Versailles - Sympathia
15. NoveLis - 第四章リヴァイア国物語~Ritual~
17. ヴィネット - Heart
18. ポワトリン - エンヂングテーマ
19. Kaya - Silvery Dark
20. 彩冷える - メーフィッシュのうた、恋柄の水泡
21. SCREW - 樹海ニ咲ク愛
22. ヴィスイ - Trust
23. キサキプロジェクト - 麻薬~太陽の幻覚~
Outro. MASK - END 
Click to download
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 Happy Birthday to Ayabie!






It's been 4 years since then.. only 4 years? They have gone through so much, losing a precious member, but gaining another. Touring overseas, it hasn't always been easy but they have always and always been suprising the fans, always always improving and doing their best. Still...It feels like a much longer time than 4 years.

Let's congratulate them for the last 4 years! And wish them the best of luck for more and more years to come☆

From now on, also please continue to show your love and continue to support them!


Current Music: アヤビエ ♪ 閉演の後、雨

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just reminding that my new blog is here→http://ameblo.jp/kagen-sakura

i will still post here but i guess only.. not as much xD
but i will still use this livejournal for communities and friends~

and stuff that should be blogged about in english.. orz
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Australia Idol auditions are only 5 days away.. and I am still stuck on what song I will sing for the judges.

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My prayers have been answered. I am so overwhelmed with joy I cannot really express it into words.
Those who know me and have been in contact with me recently would know how depressed I've been lately, and how much I've missed Ayabie.

And being sick the last few day did not help much either. But I thank god for today, first I was not looking forward to it. I have a friends' gig tonight where I will be performing one song; SID's Ajisai. But we haven't really rehearsed properly and I am also stressed enough with school and assignments.

But this has changed, I woke up this morning to check my messages on msn left over the night.. and I get a message from my honey ninkekun about a new Ayabie release......I thought he was just making stuff up ..again.. told me to check CDJapan.. took me a while to find (Actually I should have got an email from them about it...but I didn't..) and it's TRUE.

A new single on June 25th, ミカヅキノキセキ (Mikazuki no Kiseki) coming in 3 types along with a new DVD on July 9th containing footage from their 水に解ける雪 Tour's live on the 30th of April at SHIBUYA-AX!! Thank you god! Really, I mean it. This is what I have been waiting for! I love you Ayabie, but I hate you at the same time for sucking all the money out of me orz (No..I kid.. I really do love you guys, you have no idea) ;____;

*runs off to go pre-order*

Current Mood: indescribable
Current Music: アヤビエ ♪ 合鍵

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